Our Vision

Our company founder, affectionately known as Aunt Vera, has served her community for decades. Whether it is cake baked with love, a meal prepared for someone in need or a note simply saying ‘You are loved’, her innate ability to identify the needs of others has brought joy to countless individuals over the years. Aunt Vera’s care and compassion has led her to identify needs that enable people to live lives full of the happiness and warmth her presence brings. In 2015, a dear friend had just delivered her first son. As with many first time moms, she was struggling to adjust to the demands of a newborn baby. The daily list of chores quickly grew longer and longer. Aunt Vera called her and told her to put all of the laundry in a trash bag and leave it on the porch. She picked it up and delivered the clean, folded laundry to her the next day. The gratitude from this sleep-deprived mom and her exhausted husband impacted Aunt Vera. From this simple act of kindness, The Laundry Fairy was created. ¬†Her desire to assist others in the same way has created an avenue to take the hassle out of this weekly task. Her vision has garnered a host of satisfied clients who consistently talk about the pleasure of having one less thing to do, and even more important, increased time with their families.

Our Goal

Through our visionary, it is our aim to empower families to spend time creating memories, enjoying one another and helping others in our communities. Although small, our services offer the opportunity to invest time in the areas that matter most!